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Legendary Divine Flowers Blossom Undersurface Of Lotus River

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It is about a mysterious event on the Lotus River in Lotus County, China, where on two recent occasions slicks of something appeared on the river and morphed in the shape of a lotus flower. They’re quite pretty, really.

In Sichuan province, these lotus flower patterns began appearing in a river on July 13th. They seem to grow out of nowhere, but every few minutes, they form these distinct lotus flower shapes -- complete with white petals. The remarkable phenomena happened again six days later.

Interestingly enough, this river is called Lotus River, and the town -- you guessed it, Lotus County. Apparently the river was known for producing these lotus flowers in ancient times.

The incredible "lotus flowers" have baffled locals. Some say they're simply oil patches in the water, others say it's nothing short of a miracle.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

World Trembles As US Becomes Greatest Energy Nation In History

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A startling report prepared by Energy Minister Alexander Novak for President Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the United States is preparing to overturn the entire global economic system as it nears becoming the greatest energy producing nation in all of human history.

According to this report, Russian, in fact global, fears of American energy dominance were realized this past week when the United States Energy Information Agency (EIA) announced that the US has catapulted past Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest fuel producer, meaning that they are expected to become almost self-sufficient in oil and gas by 2035, will overtake Russia in gas production by 2015, and Saudi Arabia in oil production by 2017.

So profound has the Obama regimes push for global energy dominance become, this report notes, is that only three nations in history have increased their oil output by at least 900,000 barrels a day and done it in just a year.

The nations are Saudi Arabia in 1974 following the OPEC oil embargo, Iraq in 1991 following the end of the Gulf War sparked by that nation's invasion of neighboring Kuwait, and the United States in 2012.
The global fears raised by other nations as the United States becomes histories greatest energy powerhouse, this report continues, include the European Union, whose leaders fear this US move will make “competition impossible,” Canada, whose leaders say this has now become a“direct threat to their economy,”  Africa’s largest oil producer Nigeria, whose leaders warn their “dominance may soon be history,” and the OPEC nations who warn that US energy production has now become their cartels “greatest threat.”   

Critical to note about the United States, this report says, it that this North American nation has the largest known deposits of oil shale in the world of which it is experiencing a “revolution” unseen in all of human history. [Note: Oil shale does not actually contain oil, but a waxy oil precursor known as kerogen.]
This “revolution” in tapping these vast American shale oil reserves, this report says, involves an unconventional drilling process known ashydraulic fracturing (aka fracking), and which the number of these types of wells drilled by the Bush-Obama regimes between 2008 and 2011 in the US now equals 35,000, and as compared with the rest of entire world which during this time have drilled only 190.
Even more astounding, new reports from the US are now stating that vast areas of their Western States, including California and Nevada, are set to expand the number of these fracking wells by over 500,000 within the next two years.

Important to note, Minister Novak says in this report, is that the election of Obama as the “Green President” opposed to this historic push for oil production stands counters to his actions, and Administrations polices (actually funded by the major oil giants), which are now seeing the United States become the largest fossil fuel energy producer our world has ever seen.

Equally, Minister Novak says, the United States global geopolitical positions regarding foreign relations and economics cannot be fully understood without knowing these US energy facts.

For example, this report says: The so called Arab Spring, which continues to destabilize large portions of the Middle East, and is now hitting Saudi Arabia, the continued US-backed sanctions on Iran, and the Americans now attacking the oil-rich African nation of Mali, all clearly show the United States “full intentions” of keeping global oil prices at historic high levels in order to keep their domestic supplies competitive as compared to the rest of the world.

As for the Obama regimes domestic economy, this report continues, the unconventional monetary policy being pursued by the US Federal Reserve called Quantitative Easing (QE) (which is the practice of printing trillions of US Dollars), is actually designed to strengthen the American currency as in the coming years these staggering sums (estimated at $2 trillion) of monies will flood back into the United States as nearly the entire world queues to buy its (then) cheap oil.

Unfortunately for the masses of the American people, however, and as we had noted in our 4 March report “Russia Moves To Label US As Plutocracy, Warns Of War”, the only ones who will actually benefit from this unprecedented wealth flooding into the United States will be their elite classes whose lust for wealth and luxury stand in sharp contrast to the suffering of nearly 100 million of their fellow citizens.
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Saturday, March 09, 2013

David Copperfield Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed!

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The Masked Magician reveals the secrets behind Magic’s biggest illusions including how a world famous street magician pulled off the ultimate trick: walking on water, slicing off a woman’s hand with a sharp blade and then reattaching it again, and how to take an empty enchanted throne and, with a puff of smoke, make a beautiful assistant appear from nowhere.

Nice Sunday everybody! :D
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The Girl With X-Ray Eyes: Japanese scientists confirmed

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Russian X-ray girl Natasha Demkina still uses her gift to help common people

Natasha, in 2004 and 2008

Natasha Demkina, is a young woman from Saransk, Russia, who claims to possess a special vision that allows her to look inside human bodies and see organs and tissues, and thereby make medical diagnoses. She is hailed in Russia as "the girl with X-ray eyes". She describes her phenomenal abilities it as follows:

“I have two sights. I can switch any minute without reason, should I want to see the state of health of a person,” Natasha said. “This switching makes no difficulty to me; I just need to think about it. I can see the full structure of a human body – how internal organs are positioned and how they function. It’s hard to explain how I identify diseases. Afflicted organs produce a kind of radiation. The second sight is active only in the daytime; it does not work at night.”

According to Natasha and her parents, she discovered her unusual abilities at the age of ten. At first Natasha scanned her acquaintances and relatives. This phenomenon was widely covered by television in the winter of 2003-2004. At that time Natasha was about to finish school. In January of 2004 Natasha with her mother were invited to London by the English press and she demonstrated her abilities live on the British television. She also participated in an experiment organized by The Sun. The girl demonstrated her extraordinary powers on The Sun reporter Briony Warden, who had suffered multiple injuries in a car accident. The girl contrived to describe all the fractures of the woman.
Britain’s The Sun obtained an opportunity to conduct their own experiment to confirm unbelievable abilities of the Russian X-ray girl. At first Natasha Demkina astonished doctors in her own country.

The prodigy child arrived in London together with employees of the British newspaper.

The newspaper published the results of the experiment in one of its issues (click here to read). The editorial staff was unanimous to choose reporter Briony Warden to test the girl’s abilities. The reporter had suffered numerous injures when she was knocked down by a car in October of 2003.

The woman had not recovered from her injuries at the time when the experiment was held. Before Natasha appeared in the reporter’s house in North London, Briony had removed a plate from her leg and concealed all the visible traces of her injures. As the blonde reporter (who bears her age well, the editorial staff said) came to the place of the experiment, she was immediately questioned.

Briony, 36, said that she had been fully dressed and let the girl scan her. This is how she described her meeting with the Russian wunderkind:

“Her pupils dilated and she seemed to have fallen into a trance.”

“At first she started scanning the injured part of my back that she called “a lockout”. In fact I have four healing fractures of the back and slight nerve damage.”

“She described my pelvis as asymmetrical and pointed to the right side with several fractures. She pointed at my jaw and said she saw “some foreign body” there”. Later Briony said that she had a titanic plate there to support bones.

“The most wonderful moment was when she discovered damage in my left leg.”

“In fact both my shin and spellbone are broken. I was surprised because she found two separate fractures and said that I had problems with bending a knee joint.”

“Then she said she saw “the traces of several metal pins and screws that dinted in the bone”. Without seeing the scars she could not know that a fortnight ago my leg was fastened with several pins and screws.”

“She even said that the scars left by pins and screws were covered with a new tissue, which was absolutely true, for my last X-ray photography had showed it.”

Dumbfounded Briony added: “Natasha is an amazing person. I was very skeptical until she concentrated on my major fractures. I was strongly impressed by that. It seemed that she was looking at my X-ray image. My consulting orthopaedist alone might know more.”

After the examination The Sun reporters described the accident that had happened to Briony. Natasha said that she could see that “all her injuries would close up well”.

Natasha understood that she had a gift at the age of ten. One day she told her mother about the structure of the human body. The little girl did not know the actual medical terms and she described kidneys as beans and bowels as a goffered hose. Her mother was scared and she decided to consult experts. At the doctor’s Natasha described the structure of his organism. Doctors were at a loss.

The girl can scan organs, determine their condition, and detect cells, bacteria or viruses in the organism. She can switch to the second sight at will, but she has terrible headaches after long sessions. However, she can neither scan nor heal herself.

Tatyana Demkina (the mother) tried to conceal the daughter’s anomaly, but their apartment soon became the place where many sick people would come for help. Once came a woman who could not become pregnant for nine years. Natasha agreed to help her and the woman gave birth to a boy in due time. But the happy family did not even invite Natasha to see the baby.

Natasha dreams of becoming a doctor to do her work legally and save patients. Her mother consulted experts several times to confirm her daughter’s gift.

“We’ve been hiding our daughter’s gift for a long time,” said Nikolai Demkin, Natasha’s father. “But her uniqueness became public property, and after that our family was haunted by reporters. Local newspapers also wrote about her and some articles brought us much sorrow,” the man said.

In 2004 Natasha finished school and entered the Medical Department of the Moscow State Medical Stomatological University. She currently works at the Moscow Center for Special Human Diagnostics.

There are many "skeptics" tried hard to defame her, but nowadays people are not so easy to be misled. 

Following are comments from pravda about the stunning case of Natasha:

Marc Dufresne : "I'm afraid that, like Cayce, she will be discredited (as with the Americans) because she threatens the medical industrial complex, all of Cayce's cures where dumped by the medical establishment."

Colin Young:  American doctors won't acknowledge her as she has a higher success rate at diagnosis than they.

Christos Sirmos: Im assuming that's the date? What's going on with this girl now :S? 
(As far as I know, in Russian X-ray girl Natasha Demkina still uses her gift to help common people)

>> North Korean Atomic Bomb Subs Cause Global Panic 
>> 100 Million Years Old Giant Skull And Teeth Found Embedded In Coal
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Shocking Discovery: Noah’s Ark Found!

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Located 6,375 feet above sea level.

Why is this not a BIG story?
I'm often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark. This is especially true when it comes to our ancient human history.
I won't hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been found. It's real. I'll describe the evidence in some detail and end with the historical and religious implications.
How it was discovered
In 1959, Turkish army captain Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape while examining aerial photographs of his country. The smooth shape, larger than a football field, stood out from the rough and rocky terrain at an altitude of 6,300 feet near the Turkish border with Iran.
Capt. Durupinar was familiar with the biblical accounts of the Ark and its association with Mount Ararat in Turkey, but he was reluctant to jump to any conclusions. The region was very remote, yet it was inhabited with small villages. No previous reports of an object this odd had been made before. So he forwarded the photographic negative to a famous aerial photography expert named Dr. Brandenburger, at Ohio State University.
Brandenburger was responsible for discovering the Cuban missile bases during the Kennedy era from reconnaissance photos, and after carefully studying the photo, he concluded: "I have no doubt at all, that this object is a ship. In my entire career, I have never seen an object like this on a stereo photo."

In 1960 the picture [above] was published in LIFE magazine under the heading of Noahs Ark? That same year a group of Americans accompanied Capt. Durupinar to the site for a day and a half. They were expecting to find artifacts on the surface or something that would be unquestionably related to a ship of some kind. They did some digging in the area but found nothing conclusive and announced to the anxiously waiting world that it appeared to be a natural formation.
Most of the global media turned away from the find and it became a non-story.
In 1977 Ron Wyatt visited the site. Obtaining official permission, Ron and others conducted more thorough research over a period of several years. They used metal detection surveys, subsurface radar scans, and chemical analysis -- real science -- and their findings were startling. The evidence was undeniable. This was the Ark of Noah.
#1 -- the Visual Evidence
The first part of the survey was to examine the object and take its measurements. The shape looked like hull of a ship. One end was pointed as you would expect from bow [below: D] and the opposite end was blunt like a stern. The distance from bow to stern was 515 feet, or exactly 300 Egyptian cubits. The average width was 50 cubits. These were the exact measurements mentioned in the Bible.

On the starboard side (right) near the stern there were four vertical bulges protruding from the mud [B], at regular intervals, that were determined to be the "ribs" of the hull [see below]. Opposite to these, on the port side, a single rib [A] protrudes from the mud. You can see its curved shape very clearly. Surrounding it are more ribs, still largely buried in the mud, but visible upon close examination.
Remember that this object, if it is the Ark, is extremely old. The wood has been petrified. Organic matter has been replaced by minerals from the earth. Only the shapes and traces of the original wood remain. Perhaps this is why the expedition in 1960 was disappointed. They anticipated finding and retrieving chucks of wood, long since eroded.

From the position of the object in the middle of an obvious mudflow, it is obvious that the object slid down more than a mile from its original location. Geologists believe it was originally over 1000 feet higher in the mountain and encased in a shell of hardened mud. They think that an earthquake in 1948 cracked the mud shell and revealed the structure. This is confirmed by stories from the surrounding vallagers who tell of its "sudden appearance" around that time.
Biblical accounts of the Ark describe it as having as many as six levels. The assumed shape of the Ark seems consistent with the bulge [C] in the middle of the object. In fact, as we will soon learn, radar scans of the structure suggest that this bulge is the collapsed debris of these levels.
Although most people think of the Ark as being rectangular, that only applies to the top decks. The sleek shape of the hull is necessary to enable the huge ship to remain stable in the water and survive tremendous waves.
Path of the Ark (Boat)
noahs ark landing heaven wall near mount ararat
According to some sites this is the direction of the flow down the mountain. So I made up a image from google earth showing the direction this may have taken. This mountain is called "Walls of Heaven". The landing point at the top has had some significant ancient evidence found. (If you have more information about the original landing site, before it's current day resting place, feel free to comment at the bottom)
#2 -- Ground Penetrating Radar
The human eye needs to see reflected light to recognize an object. To visualize what remains below the earth, scientists use microwaves which can penetrate the ground and bounce back when they hit something solid. This technique is commonly used to locate oil and other minerals. Called Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), the apparatus us made from an antenna that transmits, then listens to receive the "echo" and prints the result on a piece of paper. The delay and strength of this echo tell the geologists how solid and at what depth the objects are under the earth.

The team of geologists didn't scan the entire object. Instead, they marked out lines that crossed the object with yellow tape. Then they dragged the antenna (about the size of a lawnmower) over the lines and watched the output on the paper recorder. When they got a strong "hit" -- meaning there was something solid underneath -- they would record the position on the tape [above]. Later, when they made a map of the object, the tape and the location of the "hits" they realized that there was indeed a structure underneath the mud.
"This data does not represent natural geology. These are man made structures. These reflections are appearing too periodic... too periodic to be random in that type of natural pace." -- Ron Wyatt of SIR Imaging team
The radar cans revealed this structure [above] under the mud. The symmetry and logical placement of these objects shows that this is unmistakably a man made structure, most likely the Ark of Noah.
#3 -- Artifacts retrieved from the Ark
Using the GPR, Ron Wyatt discovered an open cavity on the starboard side. He used an improvised drill to make core sample inside this cavity and retrieved several very interesting objects. Below you can see the artifacts which were sent for laboratory analysis. On the left is the bore hole [see below], followed by what turned out to be petrified animal dung, then a petrified antler and lastly a piece of cat hair.
Even more amazing artifacts were found
Perhaps the most significant find from the Ark itself is a piece of petrified wood. When this was first found it appeared to be a large beam. But upon closer examination it is actually three pieces of plank that have been laminated together with some kind of organic glue! This is the same technology used in modern plywood. Lamination makes the total strength of the wood much greater than the combined strength of the pieces. This suggests a knowledge of construction far beyond anything we knew existed in the ancient world.
Tests by Galbraith Labs in Knoxville, Tennessee, showed the sample to contain over 0.7% organic carbon, consistent with fossilized wood. The specimen was once living matter.
Examination reveals the glue oozed from the layers. The outside of the wood appears to have been coated with bitumen.
Even more surprising were laboratory analyses which not only revealed that the petrified wood contained carbon (proving it was once wood) but there were iron nails [above right] embedded in the wood!
In Genesis 6:14, God told Noah to "make yourself an ark of gopher wood." "Gopher wood" is a misreading and scribal error. "Kopher" wood is correct and means wood (any wood) that is covered with Kopher. Kopher is bitumen. In the Genesis text (6:14), the context is clear. The GPR wood used, (a scribal error) is to be covered in KPR. G and K in Hebrew are so similar that inexperienced Hebrew "scholars," such as those translating the King James Version of the Bible, could have been prone to such errors, indeed, they made many such errors.
Acts 7: 45 & Hebrews 4: 8 are classic examples of such scribal errors.
gpr = "g," as in gopher, k pr = "k,"as in kopher Pictured right is a simple visual comparison of the letters.
We like to imagine that humanity evolved in a neat sequence of eras, each named after the technology that was discovered. We have the Stone Age (where man developed arrows and stone tools), the Bronze Age (where metals were combined and heated to make tools and household items) and lastly the Iron Age (where iron and steel objects were made by heating iron ore and adding other material -- like charcoal -- to strengthen it). The Iron Age is usually placed at 1200-1000 BC, yet we have iron nails being used in this extremely old construction
But wait... there's more!
The most surprising find was discovered with sensitive metal detectors. The team located several strong "hits" that, when dug up, revealed large disc shaped rivets. From simple observation of the metal it was possible to see where the rivet had been hammered after being inserted through a hole [below].
If rivets being used in ancient construction doesn't impress you, this surely will.
An analysis of the metal used to make the rivets revealed that they were a combination of iron (8.38%), aluminum (8.35%) and titanium (1.59%). Remember these trace metals have survived petrification and so do not indicate the exact content in the original material. (see Report from Galbraith Labs)
We know the aluminum was incorporated in the metallic mixture because it does not exist in metallic form in nature. This implies an extremely advanced knowledge of metallurgy and engineering. Characteristics of an iron-aluminum alloy have been investigated in The Russian Chemical Bulletin (2005) and reveal that this alloy forms a thin film of aluminum oxide which protects the material from rust and corrosion. The addition of titanium would provide added strength. This seems to have worked. The rivets have survived from antiquity!
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100 Million Years Old Giant Skull And Teeth Found Embedded In Coal

TruthSeeker | 1:49 AM |


Wrote Bill O'Brien:   
"There was a time when Conrad regarded the integrity of the scientific establishment as beyond reproach. But after seven years of dealing with paleontologists and archaeologists, he said he has found them to be a devious and untrustworthy bunch whose actions in relation to him have been downright dishonest and deceitful."   
"Conrad believes his discovery has frightened members of the archeological/ paleontological establishment out of their wits. They dread the truth, he says, because they know their cozy little clique will be gone with the eons. No longer will they be able to sup at the trough of Darwinism, enjoying soft jobs with huge salaries." 



This is the very first specimen that Ed Conrad discovered in the Carboniferous-dated anthracite region of Pennsylvania but the Smithsonian's experts dismissed it as a concretion, a rock. However, petrified teeth were found inside the jaw-like area and an infrared scan revealed the material is "compatible with either tooth or bone in origin."

As time passed, Ed continued to search the same locality and kept finding numerous unusual objects that bore the contour of bone, although rock-like in their brownish coloration and weight. 

Approximately a year later and in the same general area _ only a short distance from where he had found the specimen resembling an anthropoid skull -- Ed discovered the large boulder in which was embedded the object that bore a distinct resemblance to a human cranium. 

Actually, Ed had passed the specimen hundreds of times but only after doing a bit of study about human skulls was he able to recognize it, since the jaw like area was facing downward. 


This is the boulder with the human skull protruding that Ed Conrad discovered in 1982, about a year after finding the specimen resembling the anthropoid skull. It was found in the same general area in precisely this position, with the jawbone facing downward. The Smithsonian had admitted that the protrusion does indeed resemble a human skull.

This is another view of the human skull-like specimen protruding from the boulder. 

Wilton M. Krogman, the internationally acclaimed bone expert and author of "The Human Skeleton in Forensic Medicine," proudly holds one of Ed Conrad's specimens which he had identified as a human calvarium, a portion of a skull with the eyesockets broken off.
A CATscan had been done of this particular specimen and revealed intriguing characteristics of a human skull.

This giant skull, embedded in solid rock, presents several problems for materialists.
"And it may seem harmless to you now that its been exposed. But, did you know that over 500 people obtained their PhD's by writing their thesis on "the Piltdown Man"? I dare say, no one took back those PhDs after it was exposed, and those people taught hundreds of thousands of people." Wyatt, Newletter Five
In 1982 Dr. Lyall Watson stated: "The fossils that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than specimens. The remarkable fact is that all of the physical evidence we have for human evolution can still be placed, with room to spare, inside a single coffin!"
Likewise, a 1994 article in Time Magazine admitted that: "Yet despite more than a century of digging, the fossil record remains maddeningly sparse. With so few clues, even a single bone that doesn't fit into the picture can upset everything. Virtually every major discovery has put deep cracks in the conventional wisdom and forced scientists to concoct new theories, amid furious debate."
Prior to more recent developments of techniques for dating by means of radioactive materials, there were fundamentally only two methods of estimating the age of a fossil. The first was the geological level at which the specimen was found.
The second, applying more particularly to human fossils, was the general appearance: whether apish and "primitive," or essentially like modern man. These two criteria are still largely applied, since the majority of the more ancient remains of early man are completely fossilized and C-14 methods of dating cannot be used.
But it has long been recognized that if the fossil remains of early man are arranged according to their degree of primitiveness, the order will be found to contradict the series arranged on the basis of antiquity as established by the levels at which they are found."
There is no controversy about these facts; there was a race or group of people found in Australia called "meganthropus" by anthropologists. These people were of very large size--estimated between 7 to 12 feet tall, depending on what source you read.
These people were found with mega tool artifacts, so their humaness is difficult to question. Four jaw fragments and thousands of teeth have been found in China of "gigantopithecus blacki"--named after the discover. Based on the size of the teeth and deep jaws, its size has been estimated at around 10 feet and as tall as 12 feet, 1200 pounds. (Photo:Giant human femur reportedly found in Turkey)
The "problem" is that human fossils are the rarest of all, and generally, only the hardest bones, jaws, teeth and skulls survive. As with most "early man" artistic recreations, a great deal of the individual is surmised.
The question is, is gigantopithecus a man or an ape? I personally have no opinion, but it is clear that very large men did live once. Scientists are of course afraid of being ridiculed and rather than estimate the size of the individuals possessing larger skulls and teeth than "us", they prefer to use the term robust.
Anthropologists spend quite a bit of time trying to decide what is an ape, what is a man, who they believe descended from who and the like. Now, most consider gigantopithecus an ape,(its more convenient to the theory of evol) but the co-discover at least, and many others still see no difference between the teeth and jaws of Giganto than other so-called ancestors.
As we said, everyone believes that meganthropus with his mega-tools was a "man". Tools have been found in the same area as giganto as well, but the tendency has been to associate them with other "types' found at the same location.
A comparison of the megatools from the six occupation sites soon showed considerable stylisation in the hand-axes, knives, adzes and other tools, forming two distinct tool-type culture periods. These have since been named the "Late" and "Early Phase", the "Early Phase" being the oldest and most primitive, the "Late Phase" showing more advanced styles of workmanship. ...the strata in which the "Early Phase" tools are found date from around 60,000 back to 180,000 years BP.
This is an example of a Mega Tool, over eighteen inches high. From an article by Scott Corrales.Another example of a mega tool is an ancient 37 lb copper axe (not pictured)
Aboriginal occupation of the Bathurst region itself dates back at least 50,000 years, so it is obvious that Aborigines lived side by side with the megatool people
In this Photo below: on the top left is one of the skulls biologists have labeled Australopithecines. On the right Meganthropus. Bottom left is a modern man in scale along with a chimpanzee skull.
Giant stone-age man stone artefacts (implements) have been found in Central Western NSW Southern & far Northern Qld. These implements consist of hand axes, clubs, pounders, adzes, knives & other tools often ranging in weight from 8 to 36 lbs or more.
These artifacts are in fact identical to those used by meganthropus the giant Java man who inhabited SE Asia over a "million years ago", Meganthropus stood 12 feet tall & weighed several hundred pounds..
Early in this century some unusually large human teeth and jawbones turned up, ones so large that their owner's size has been estimated at six to nine feet tall. Those found in Europe were named Meganthropus, those found in south China and Java became known as Gigantopithecus
If one believes the Biblical account, their presence is no mystery, since giants are mentioned as living before the Flood (Gen. 6:4).

There were giants on the earth in those days...

An Afghani Giant with a US soldier

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The Mystery Powers Of Thoughts

TruthSeeker | 1:21 AM |

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Human thoughts can produce huge energy and if used properly, this energy can not only improves the lives of individuals, but also changes the world.
Many scientific experiments have shown that our thoughts can change the physical world. Fortunately, these experiments are quite easy to carry out, anyone can do it, with great fun!

Experiment 1:  Our Rice
When we send to the rice a voice message, or text, music, images message, etc., the rice will definitely absorb that message, and response proportionally to it. If the messages are good, the rice will be fragrant, no mold for very long time. If the messages are evil, you will get bad rice, in just a few day it will defenitely turn smelly, with black mold.
But how could we measure the “unknown” power? Very easy:
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 1)
Take some rice, divided into two equal parts, into the same two clean jars. Pour equal amount of water into each jar and then cover them with the same lids. Label one of the two jars with good words such as "I love you", "happiness", "miracle", etc. And for the remaining jar, we label it with bad words such as "idiot", "I will kill you ", "pain", etc. Once a day with each bowl of rice, intentionally read its label (about 30 seconds per day). Requires alertness, concentration thoughts.
Observe the results obtained after a period of time (generally two weeks or more).
You will see: The more the total amount of time you use to say to rice daily, or the stronger the thoughts you send towards the bowls of rice, or the more prolonged experiments, then the differences become more and more apparent.
Many different groups have particularly tried to perform such experiments with rice, and their results are the same all the time.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 2)
Results obtained after more than 1 month, in the rice experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto
This rice experiment has been examined by lots of families and teachers from around the world, with exactly the same results.

Another rice experiment

The experimenter commented: "The miracle is not contrary to nature, but it is contrary to what we know about nature". Exactly true!!
This experiment will stun you! It really shows that our thoughts and words have great powers. Think about when you treat the people you love with kindness and gratitude, and the good impacts on them both physically and mentally. It helps us understand how strong the negative thoughts and hatred can negatively impact the lives of our world.
This is something that you need to see to believe. Give it a try! It's an amazing way to learn about the power of thoughts. Our children are affected by the words and thoughts towards them, as this experiment shows. What kind of energy are you pouring over your children and the people around you?
Some researchers have extended this experiment. We will use 4 jars of rice. Except 2 jars labeled "I love you" and "idiot", we have a jar labeled "You made me hurt but I still pray for you", and a jar without label. We conduct this experiment in the same manner as the original experiment.
In the first 2 jars, the results are the same as in the previous experiments. In the jar labeled "I love you" there's almost no mold, we have white rice. In the jar labeled "fool" rice rots very quickly.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 3)
The jar labeled "I love you" , and the jar labeled "fool"
On the 2 new jars , the results will make you fall deep into contemplation.
In the jar of rice that is labeled "You hurt me, but I still pray for you", the rice was still in very good condition, almost like the jar "I love you". It's just a bit worse than that. There was a tiny mold point at the bottom of the bottle as shown in the picture.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 4)
Rice jar labeled "You hurt me, but I still pray for you".
In the jar of rice which was not labeled and completely ignored, the rice has rotten. It's just a bit less bad than the jar "fool".
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 5)
The ignored rice jar
The rice jar which was labeled "You hurt me, but I pray for you", we got good results. It's a shocking tangible example of the famous old saying: “to use kindness against evil makes the evil perish”.
The jar which was ignored reminds us about the victims of cold indifference of nowaday societies. We all know how terribly the destruction of the apathy, but never so tangibly like that.

Experiment 2: Our Water
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 6)
Dr. Masaru Emoto's team has recorded millions of different crystalline samples, and finally concluded that: When people send good or bad messages to the water, whether in the form of text, images, sounds, music or others, water will actually see the information, and its crystallization process will produce different patterns. The nice, kind and holy message will correspond to beautiful, balance and clarity water crystals. While the messages of hate, pain or anxiety would correspond to the ugly, broken, dark water crystals… Different thoughts will lead to different crystalline forms of water.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 7)
Crystal of water  which was received the message "Love and Thanks"

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 8)
Crystal of water which was received the message "You fool"

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 9)
Crystal of water which was received the message, "You make me sick, I will kill you"

Let water listen to different kinds of music. Crystal of the water which "listened" to heavy metal rock always look terrible.

*** Use the ideas to deal with water pollution
There are groups of people all over the world try to use the idea to deal with water pollution. Hundreds of people send  good thoughts before a polluted lake. A few days later, the decaying algaes in the lake disappeared and the water has become cleaner, and this cleanliness lasted for 6 months.
These experiments also help us understand why today there are so many natural disasters. The world has 7 billion people. If billions of people think badly, not only their behaviors devastate the world but their thoughts alone will also cause world disasters, literally. Our thoughts can change the environment and reality (materialize things), so that when we have good thoughts, speak kindly, do good things and live kindly, we can completely change the world.
Take a look at the following pictures:
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 11)
Water collected in Higashi Nihonbashi before receiving prayers' good thoughts
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 12)
Water from the site, but after receiving good messages for 10 days

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 13)
This image was taken 3 days after the nuclear accident in Tokaimura, Japan in September 1999. Crystals of water taken from a well just about 400 meters away from the nuclear accident site. We can clearly see the  terrible effects that the radiation had caused to the environment.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 14)
Pictures of water crystal in the well, after the messages of love and compassion are sent to this place.

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 15)
Water crystal  from the Fujiwara Dam before praying. Water here had been heavily polluted.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 16)
Water crystals from the Fujiwara Dam after praying

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 17)
Water crystals taken from Kobe Japan soon after the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 18)
Water from the place three months later, after receiving righteous thoughts from honest people all over the world

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 19)
Tap water in Tokyo
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 20)
Tap water in Tokyo after receiving the good thoughts generated by a group of 500 people

Quantum explanation for the power of thought experiments
Similar experiments showed that not only water has the ability to receive and respond to thoughts, but plants, rice and other materials also have this ability. Quantum physics scientists has proven that all the energies of the universe have reciprocal relations with each other, so the messages all over the world reciprocally affect each other. Quantum physics proves that consciousness is very important in shaping the physical reality. In the case of experiments with water, the energy of thought has changed the crystal structures of the water molecules. No coincidence that the Chinese have a saying, "Heaven and earth know each thought of the human mind".
For centuries, people always argue about which is fundamental - consciousness or matter. The experiments proved that consciousness and matter are just two sides of the same coin, intertwined.
The "mainstream scientists" stubbornly propagate that Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments are "bogus", completely ignore the simple reality.
But the truth is out there, whether they like it or not. Many professional and amateur researchers are easily successfully repeated the experiments of Dr. Masaru. Even you can repeat the simple experiments with rice and make your friends have to say: "It's great, good heavens, it's true!!!".

(To be continued)

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