Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Legendary Divine Flowers Blossom Undersurface Of Lotus River

TruthSeeker | 8:21 PM |
It is about a mysterious event on the Lotus River in Lotus County, China, where on two recent occasions slicks of something appeared on the river and morphed in the shape of a lotus flower. They’re quite pretty, really.

In Sichuan province, these lotus flower patterns began appearing in a river on July 13th. They seem to grow out of nowhere, but every few minutes, they form these distinct lotus flower shapes -- complete with white petals. The remarkable phenomena happened again six days later.

Interestingly enough, this river is called Lotus River, and the town -- you guessed it, Lotus County. Apparently the river was known for producing these lotus flowers in ancient times.

The incredible "lotus flowers" have baffled locals. Some say they're simply oil patches in the water, others say it's nothing short of a miracle.

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