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The Mystery Powers Of Thoughts

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Human thoughts can produce huge energy and if used properly, this energy can not only improves the lives of individuals, but also changes the world.
Many scientific experiments have shown that our thoughts can change the physical world. Fortunately, these experiments are quite easy to carry out, anyone can do it, with great fun!

Experiment 1:  Our Rice
When we send to the rice a voice message, or text, music, images message, etc., the rice will definitely absorb that message, and response proportionally to it. If the messages are good, the rice will be fragrant, no mold for very long time. If the messages are evil, you will get bad rice, in just a few day it will defenitely turn smelly, with black mold.
But how could we measure the “unknown” power? Very easy:
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 1)
Take some rice, divided into two equal parts, into the same two clean jars. Pour equal amount of water into each jar and then cover them with the same lids. Label one of the two jars with good words such as "I love you", "happiness", "miracle", etc. And for the remaining jar, we label it with bad words such as "idiot", "I will kill you ", "pain", etc. Once a day with each bowl of rice, intentionally read its label (about 30 seconds per day). Requires alertness, concentration thoughts.
Observe the results obtained after a period of time (generally two weeks or more).
You will see: The more the total amount of time you use to say to rice daily, or the stronger the thoughts you send towards the bowls of rice, or the more prolonged experiments, then the differences become more and more apparent.
Many different groups have particularly tried to perform such experiments with rice, and their results are the same all the time.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 2)
Results obtained after more than 1 month, in the rice experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto
This rice experiment has been examined by lots of families and teachers from around the world, with exactly the same results.

Another rice experiment

The experimenter commented: "The miracle is not contrary to nature, but it is contrary to what we know about nature". Exactly true!!
This experiment will stun you! It really shows that our thoughts and words have great powers. Think about when you treat the people you love with kindness and gratitude, and the good impacts on them both physically and mentally. It helps us understand how strong the negative thoughts and hatred can negatively impact the lives of our world.
This is something that you need to see to believe. Give it a try! It's an amazing way to learn about the power of thoughts. Our children are affected by the words and thoughts towards them, as this experiment shows. What kind of energy are you pouring over your children and the people around you?
Some researchers have extended this experiment. We will use 4 jars of rice. Except 2 jars labeled "I love you" and "idiot", we have a jar labeled "You made me hurt but I still pray for you", and a jar without label. We conduct this experiment in the same manner as the original experiment.
In the first 2 jars, the results are the same as in the previous experiments. In the jar labeled "I love you" there's almost no mold, we have white rice. In the jar labeled "fool" rice rots very quickly.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 3)
The jar labeled "I love you" , and the jar labeled "fool"
On the 2 new jars , the results will make you fall deep into contemplation.
In the jar of rice that is labeled "You hurt me, but I still pray for you", the rice was still in very good condition, almost like the jar "I love you". It's just a bit worse than that. There was a tiny mold point at the bottom of the bottle as shown in the picture.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 4)
Rice jar labeled "You hurt me, but I still pray for you".
In the jar of rice which was not labeled and completely ignored, the rice has rotten. It's just a bit less bad than the jar "fool".
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 5)
The ignored rice jar
The rice jar which was labeled "You hurt me, but I pray for you", we got good results. It's a shocking tangible example of the famous old saying: “to use kindness against evil makes the evil perish”.
The jar which was ignored reminds us about the victims of cold indifference of nowaday societies. We all know how terribly the destruction of the apathy, but never so tangibly like that.

Experiment 2: Our Water
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 6)
Dr. Masaru Emoto's team has recorded millions of different crystalline samples, and finally concluded that: When people send good or bad messages to the water, whether in the form of text, images, sounds, music or others, water will actually see the information, and its crystallization process will produce different patterns. The nice, kind and holy message will correspond to beautiful, balance and clarity water crystals. While the messages of hate, pain or anxiety would correspond to the ugly, broken, dark water crystals… Different thoughts will lead to different crystalline forms of water.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 7)
Crystal of water  which was received the message "Love and Thanks"

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 8)
Crystal of water which was received the message "You fool"

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 9)
Crystal of water which was received the message, "You make me sick, I will kill you"

Let water listen to different kinds of music. Crystal of the water which "listened" to heavy metal rock always look terrible.

*** Use the ideas to deal with water pollution
There are groups of people all over the world try to use the idea to deal with water pollution. Hundreds of people send  good thoughts before a polluted lake. A few days later, the decaying algaes in the lake disappeared and the water has become cleaner, and this cleanliness lasted for 6 months.
These experiments also help us understand why today there are so many natural disasters. The world has 7 billion people. If billions of people think badly, not only their behaviors devastate the world but their thoughts alone will also cause world disasters, literally. Our thoughts can change the environment and reality (materialize things), so that when we have good thoughts, speak kindly, do good things and live kindly, we can completely change the world.
Take a look at the following pictures:
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 11)
Water collected in Higashi Nihonbashi before receiving prayers' good thoughts
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 12)
Water from the site, but after receiving good messages for 10 days

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 13)
This image was taken 3 days after the nuclear accident in Tokaimura, Japan in September 1999. Crystals of water taken from a well just about 400 meters away from the nuclear accident site. We can clearly see the  terrible effects that the radiation had caused to the environment.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 14)
Pictures of water crystal in the well, after the messages of love and compassion are sent to this place.

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 15)
Water crystal  from the Fujiwara Dam before praying. Water here had been heavily polluted.
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 16)
Water crystals from the Fujiwara Dam after praying

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 17)
Water crystals taken from Kobe Japan soon after the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 18)
Water from the place three months later, after receiving righteous thoughts from honest people all over the world

Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 19)
Tap water in Tokyo
Bí ẩn của sức mạnh tư tưởng - Yêu thương & thù hận (kỳ1) - (Ảnh 20)
Tap water in Tokyo after receiving the good thoughts generated by a group of 500 people

Quantum explanation for the power of thought experiments
Similar experiments showed that not only water has the ability to receive and respond to thoughts, but plants, rice and other materials also have this ability. Quantum physics scientists has proven that all the energies of the universe have reciprocal relations with each other, so the messages all over the world reciprocally affect each other. Quantum physics proves that consciousness is very important in shaping the physical reality. In the case of experiments with water, the energy of thought has changed the crystal structures of the water molecules. No coincidence that the Chinese have a saying, "Heaven and earth know each thought of the human mind".
For centuries, people always argue about which is fundamental - consciousness or matter. The experiments proved that consciousness and matter are just two sides of the same coin, intertwined.
The "mainstream scientists" stubbornly propagate that Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments are "bogus", completely ignore the simple reality.
But the truth is out there, whether they like it or not. Many professional and amateur researchers are easily successfully repeated the experiments of Dr. Masaru. Even you can repeat the simple experiments with rice and make your friends have to say: "It's great, good heavens, it's true!!!".

(To be continued)

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